Revolution Fist is a mobile game development studio with outstanding approach to team- and workflow-building. It consists of more than 10 specialists all working remotely around the world. With the contribution of each, which we create products of the highest quality.

Our mission is to present unforgattable experiences by providing highest quality entertainment free for everyone to enjoy.


Our story has began back in 2010, when Vasily Maksimenko started working on his first mobile game, which is called Drag Racing 3D. Later, Maxim Melnyk joined him and together they founded Revolution Fist.

Co-founders shared the duties and engaged in the embodiment of their dream — to create a company to develop high-quality mobile games, equally loved by both consumers and employees.


Maxim Melnyk
Maxim Melnyk
Vasiliy Maksimenko
Vasiliy Maksimenko


Remote work through documentation and open communication:

We believe that remote work is the future — all our employees work remotely. This gives us the opportunity to hire the best industry experts, regardless of their location. We treat the time of each team member with respect and provide the opportunity to work according to a schedule convenient for them.

Outstanding product quality:

Each member of our team is obsessed with the quality of their work and as a result we produce only products of outstanding quality.

Every voice matters:

Our company always listens to the opinions of  all players and employees, regardless of their position.

Games available to everyone:

We believe that everyone should have access to entertainment and therefore all our games distribute via free to play model.